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Dark Chocolate Cake with Mocha-Cream-cheese frosting, covered in ivory fondant and garnished with colored white chocolate.

A classmate had asked me last minute if I could get together with her and her friend and show them how to make a cake for another someone. So we threw this one together Friday night.

The cake worked out pretty well until we got to the colored chocolate. My classmate wrote her friend’s name on the top in Chinese characters since I sadly cannot read chinese. (Though that put me to thinking that I will need to learn how to at least do Celebratory phrases in other languages if I ever want to be completely successful in making.)

The Swirls were a bit tricky because I did not really have the time and flexibility of space to work on it slowly and carefully. But I think it came out pretty nice. The whole cake from start to finish took about 4 hours. 

So what did I learn? Throwing cakes together can result in pretty neat things, and I will need to learn some languages! 

Holiday Baking. Zimtsterne and Mailanderli Christmas cookies, Carrot and Pineapple Cake with a Citrus-Cream Cheese icing, Classic Cinnamon Buns, Traditional Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

Banana Foster. Made with bananas, butter, brown sugar and rum. Served with vanilla bean ice cream.

Almost Fudge Cake covered in a chocolate ganache glaze and decorated with edible candy pearls.

25 posts! Woo-hoo  now time for more cakes!

25 posts! Woo-hoo  now time for more cakes!

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Week of Final Exams + extra cake and cakepops = universe cake ;)

Same as the fisherman cake but with a universal sheen and back and yellow fondant! This cake is an 6” and would be great for a study group of 16 for a treat. Took me an hour this morning to fill and and decorate.

Fishing Themed Cake with Cakepop Fishies and bush.

I designed this cake specifically for a client who loves fishing and loves cakepops. Took me 4-6 hours to decorate. I was given free reign on design and concept.

The cake is chocolate with mocha buttercream, the cakepops taste like brownies and are covered in white colored chocolate.

The cake was to big for the cake tray I was brought so the eyes of one of the fishpops got crushed so I dusted them off since I did not have my decor equipment with me to touch it up.

“When in doubt; experiment!”

Working on a special cake this week for an almost family member. Need to combine fishies, water element, chocolate, cake, and a humongous amount of cake pops into an 6” or 9” cake. Going to be a challenge.

Originally I was going to do a 3-tiere cake with a flowing river but limited space, time and a 3-hour drive for delivery has me doing a compacted version. O.o

Currently working on some sketches of the design, but like I said “when in doubt; experiment!” in other words I am going to jump in and come up with whatever it shall be, like my previous dog cake, and sailor mercury cake XD.

I get better at it each time. :)

“— If there were no challenges, there would be no satisfaction in success. Whether the challenge is in life or in creating a special gift, it has meaning and even if it did not turn out how it was meant to be….there will always be people inspired by it.”
— Challenges

Dark chocolate with espresso buttercream, covered in vanilla fondant.

I designed this based off of the photo, for a friend’s birthday. The photo is of her dog back home that she loves, and since I wanted to offer her something special I did my best to create some resemblance.

The shaping and decor took 4hours. It was very easy, though I hope to be able to make one a little more realistic next time and to make the paws out of cake.

The ears and paws were out of Rice Krispies, which was cool since my friend has never had rice krispies squares before. I used a plastic photo frame, that I stuffed with Rice Krispies and covered with edible black sugar paper.